Thursday, April 9, 2009

What GM is wasting our bailout money on.......

I've been against the Guv'ment doling out money to failing companies which, of course, goes against common sense. Now I actually have a large chunk o' fury I'm directing at G.M. in particular.

G.M. and Segway have been working on a new vehicle called the PUMA.
  • This is a very small vehicle that's meant to navigate crowded urban areas.
  • This vehicle has a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.
  • This vehicle uses very little energy and is meant for shorter jaunts and commutes.
  • This vehicle is very lightweight and efficient.
  • This vehicle has two wheels.

That sounds exactly like a description of the bicycle! This is noooooo bicycle though. The two wheels are on each side.....Segway style. It uses the same gyroscopic balance system that the normal Segway uses. So you've got somebody driving down the street, between two wheels in a vehicle that's almost as useful and a little bit larger than a bicycle.

This thing is absolutely no better than a bicycle or your own two feet! A bicycle can do anything this thing does and will do it better.
  • A bicycle is lighter and can actually be carried around.
  • You can park at least two bicycles in the space of one PUMA.
  • The bicycle gives you exercise.
  • A bicycle is much, much less expensive.
  • Bicycles aren't destroying our U.S. currency and jacking our taxes sky high (GM's bailout money at work).

I see this as G.M. taking a direct shot at pedal power......They're attempting to make something to take bicycles off the road, make people lazier, and put ill-gotten cash in their pockets.........Which shouldn't happen because they should have already gone through bankruptcy proceedings. They can't survive in the auto industry so now they want to pick on smaller industries and tear them down as they build their lumbering, wasteful, and outdated company up. They simply want to get people off bicycles and into their vehicles. At least a bicycle of any sort is less nerdy than this thing and I figure it's a failure in the making.....If it even reaches production.

Bravo jerks!

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Je t'aime said...

Well said, my dear, well said.