Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wild weather.....

Over the last week we've had some wild weather for these parts. Awoke to a few inches of nice snow last week.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eco friendly dudes....

I'm an eco friendly kind of guy.......Ride a bike for transportation, use as little energy as possible, don't produce much trash, don't eat much meat, grow some of our own veggies, and eat local as often as I can.

The so-called leaders of the world who showed up at Copenhagen for this environment summit, or whatever they call it are not acting like friends to the Earth. They flew over there from all over the place in about 140 jets and once they got out of the jet, they jumped in large cars and SUVs and took over 1,200 limos to the conference.

The best form of leadership is to lead by example. An online conference meeting wouldn't have been as dramatic but they could have pointed to it and told us how much energy they're saving and try to lead us and give us new ideas by example. If there were ever a cause for a giant international online meeting....This would be it. They're using as much oil for this meeting as many towns use in a year! There's probably third world countries that don't use as much oil in a year.

Ghandi would have walked, taken a boat and then walked some more. He attempted to lead by example. Ed Begley jr. may have ridden his bike at both ends instead of the limo. This meeting is just an example of a bunch of folks who want us to do as they say and not as they do. At the least, they should have had all these folks ride bikes from the airport to the hotel to the conference. Snipers and murder attempts on high profile leaders may not even be a problem......Everybody looks friendlier on a bike and it'd be hard for a thug to pull the trigger on this friendly convoy of leaders.

Earth to "leaders" .............. Jet-setting is not eco friendly. Just makes you guys look like a bunch of fools and hypocrites!